How To Clean Shower Head Without Vinegar - Top Tips

How To Clean Shower Head Without Vinegar – Top Tips

Cleaning the shower head might seem trivial, but it is mostly ignored and forgotten in the busy daily schedule. If you clean your shower head regularly, the longevity of the shower is maintained for a very long time!

Cleaning shower heads with vinegar are one of the most common methods. But did you know there are multiple other ways in which you can altogether avoid using vinegar to clean your shower head?

Are you thinking how to clean your shower without vinegar? Well, you have landed an excellent article in the internet world. This article will teach you alternative methods to clean your shower head without vinegar

Before jumping into that, let us first know why it is essential to clean the shower head first!

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Why Should You Clean The Shower Head, And How Often Should That Be?

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Showers are an integral part of a bathroom and are the most satisfying method of relaxation and cleansing the body daily. However, if your shower is not maintained and cleaned regularly, the chances are that it will get clogged. Nothing is more irritating than a shower that is not working as it is supposed to on a busy day, right? 

When a shower head is not cleaned correctly, the water will not flow smoothly and might start to flow in different directions. As a result, the water will get to the other parts of the bathroom except you!

To prevent the shower head from getting dirty, you should clean it at least once in two weeks and do a deep clean once a month. There can be many reasons why a shower head gets clogged, but one of the main reasons for clogging is the accumulation of dirt and debris. If those dirt particles are not cleaned properly, they might get on our skin along with the water and may even lead to skin diseases

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Why Should You Avoid Vinegar While Cleaning The Shower Head?

When you start looking for ways to clean your shower head, most articles recommend using vinegar as a cleaning agent. Although it can be distilled vinegar or white vinegar, it is the most common way to clean a shower head. 

But sometimes, white vinegar is not the right solution to clean your shower head. In addition, problems like limescale cannot be solved entirely by using vinegar as the cleaning agent.

Looking for alternative solutions is essential because it will help you be prepared for any unforeseen situation when cleaning the shower head.

It is a fact that vinegar can mostly clean the dirt and mineral deposits in the shower head, but one of the most significant downsides of vinegar is that it has a powerful smell that most people cannot stand. 

In the next section, you will learn about all the different alternative ways you can clean the shower head. 

How To Clean Shower Head Without Vinegar?

Things You Need To Clean Shower Head Without Vinegar

  • Gloves
  • Rag or cloth
  • Bowl
  • Clean water
  • Brush
  • A scrubber sponge, etc., 
  1. Cleaning The Shower Head Using Coke
Cleaning The Shower Head Using Coke
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You must have seen many DIY videos on the internet where people use coke to clean the bathroom walls. Well, the good news is you can also use coke to clean your shower head. In addition, you can get excellent results if you want to clean the grease on your kitchen chimney or remove rust. 

You need to remove the shower head first. Fill the coke in a bowl or container and place the shower head there. Let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then take a brush and scrub the surface of the shower head, and do not forget to poke holes to take out the dirt. 

After that, wash the shower head in mild soap and warm water to remove the stickiness. When you are satisfied, reattach the shower head, and you are done!

  1. Cleaning The Shower Head Using Bleach
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Bleach is considered one of the best disinfectants but is dangerous if not used properly. People use bleach because it is easily accessible, less expensive, and quite effective. 

You must be careful when using bleach, and the area should also be well-ventilated. Another thing to keep in mind while using bleach is that you should never combine bleach with another cleaning agent because the combination can be hazardous to human health!

To clean the shower head with bleach, first, mix the bleach with water in a container, bowl, or bucket. Remember not to use the container for food purposes in the future. The entire mixture should be diluted appropriately before you start cleaning.

Dip a soft cloth in the mixture and clean the shower head with that cloth. Leave the shower head like that for about 5 minutes. Then wash it off using mild soap and water. Your shower head will appear completely new. Next, check if any cloudy white residue is left on the shower head. If so, clean it properly. Finally, dispose off the remaining solution. 

  1. Cleaning The Shower Head Using Baking Soda
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Like bleach, baking soda is one of the most common cleaning methods. The other name for baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, and it is actually non-acidic, non-toxic, and is again a cheap option. In addition, it works wonders as an anti-bacterial cleaning agent. 

To start the cleaning process, you need to add the baking soda to water and mix it until it becomes a paste. You do not want the solution to be runny, but it should be paste-like. Next, apply that paste to your shower head without missing out on the holes. Next, cover that shower head and leave it for 30 minutes. After it is done, wash out the remaining mixture and check if the shower is running correctly. 

  1. Cleaning The Shower Head Using Limescale Remover
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If you were looking at removing limescale from the shower head without using vinegar, this is the right option! Lemon juice is another good alternative to vinegar and is quite similar due to its acidic nature. 

Take a piece of a soft cloth and pour a considerable amount of lemon juice in there. Wipe and clean the shower head with that cloth and rinse it later. If you want some extra shine and spark, add a pinch of salt to it. If there is any kind of mildew or grease on the surface of your shower head, it will be removed. 

  1. Cleaning The Shower Head Using Oven Cleaner
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This method is one of the most underrated methods of cleaning the shower head on this list. Oven cleaners are used to clean the grease and leftover food from the oven. Oven cleaners are known as active agents and can be very well used to remove any kind of dirt from the shower head because of the harsh cleaning chemicals. 

Certain oven cleaners can be harsh on the skin and nose. Ensure there is enough ventilation in the bathroom, and always wear a mask and gloves to protect your health. 

All you need to do is spread the oven cleaner over the shower head and leave it for 20 minutes for the work to be done thoroughly. After that time, rinse it off properly with warm water and ensure no residue is left. 

If you miss out on an area with some residue left, it can damage the shower head. Rinse your hand thoroughly, even if you are wearing gloves.

Shiny Shower Head Without Vinegar!

While you can always use vinegar to do a quick cleaning, the cleaning methods mentioned in this article are the best alternatives to vinegar. However, remember that these alternatives will only loosen the dirt and other particles in the shower head. Instead, you would want to rinse the remains, wipe them off with a clean cloth, and scrub the surface using a brush. 

You should clean the shower head often if you do not want a clogged shower in the morning. It aids in maintaining the hygiene of the bathroom as well and will prevent you from getting skin diseases. You should know when the shower is clogged when you notice some kind of leakage or water splashing anywhere or simply no water running. 

Did you try any of these methods? Please let us know if you have other innovative ways of cleaning your shower heads!