How To Remove Stuck Shower Head Ball Joint Easily?

The ball joints might get stuck inside due to multiple reasons. The shower heads are made with exceptional care for this factor. The ball joint is placed inside in a confidential manner, away from the water flow! You can only remove, replace or clean a ball joint if it is present outside the shower head. 

Certain shower heads have the ball joint permanently attached inside the main body of the shower head. So if something goes wrong, you have to change the entire shower head! 

This article will teach you the steps on how to remove stuck shower head ball joints. You can do it without much effort if you follow the steps correctly. So without further ado, let us start with the article!

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Why Does A Shower Head Ball Joint Get Stuck?

The primary purpose of a ball joint in the shower head is to allow the shower head to move in several directions as per the requirement of the angle at which you require the shower. As you continue using the shower, the ball joints might accumulate rust and mineral deposits. 

If you do not perform regular cleaning and maintenance, it might affect everything – your shower head might get clogged, the ball joints can get stuck, and ultimately, it will come in between your morning showers daily.

Let us now look at how you can remove the ball joint from the shower head!

How To Remove A Ball Joint From A Shower Head?

You might encounter three scenarios when you have to remove the ball joint from a shower head. Knowing what kind of showerhead you have is essential before going for any of the following steps. Let us look at each one of them:

  1. Removable Ball Joints From The Shower Head

To remove a ball joint, all you need is adjustable pliers or wrenches, a small piece of soft cloth or towel, and a plumber’s tape. Wrap the plumber’s tape on the surface of the plier so that it does not damage the metal while you use it. If you do not have the tape, you can simply wrap the towel on the surface of the shower head. 

To affix the removable or adjustable ball joints to the shower arm, you must do it using nuts. Next, you need to do the adjustments using the plier or the wrench and ultimately secure them over the nut. Then turn it anti-clockwise to loosen the ball heathen and twist it off the shower arm using your bare hands. We will look at the detailed steps in the latter part of the article!

  1. How To Remove Fixed Ball Joints?

As mentioned earlier, the older models of shower heads have ball joints attached to the outer part, either to the shower arm or to the shower head. It will depend on the nature of the shower head if the ball joint can be removed; if it is fixed, you need to change the entire shower head.

First, you must check whether the ball head joint is secured and fixed with a nut. If not, then it is most likely attached to the shower arm. In this scenario, you need to remove the entire shower arm to access the ball joint.

The method of removal is similar to the scenario mentioned above. You first must wrap the plumber’s tape around the wrench or the plier. The perfect substitution for the plumber’s tape will be the towel.

Wrap it around the shower head so that the surface remains intact. Then adjust the plier on the shower arm and secure it. Move it anti-clockwise until you notice the arm getting loose, then remove the rest using your hands.

  1. How To Remove The Ball Joints Stuck With Gunk?

The rust and minerals accumulated inside the shower head are the main reason the ball joints get stuck. This will only happen if the ball joint is attached to the outside of the shower fixture. If you do not maintain the shower head, it will worsen and accumulate bacteria.

If the traditional methods are not working, remove it using a wrench or plier, then you should try vinegar. You can pour the vinegar inside a plastic bag and tie it on the shower arm, ensuring that the shower head is completely immersed in the bag full of vinegar. You should let it stay for a few hours, or you can also leave it like that overnight.

If removing it is still not easy, you can go for another vinegar wash. Use the wrench or plier to slowly unscrew the ball joint from the shower arm. 

A Step-By-Step Guide To Removing The Shower Head Ball Joint

This section will benefit you if you want to know the steps concisely. Without any further ado, let us go through each of them.

  • Take the plumber’s tape and wrap it around the surface of the shower head’s nut attached to the shower arm, then with the help of a wrench or plier. 
  • Check the shower head properly to see if there is direct access to the ball joint. You will notice a coupling below the ball joint fixture if it does have direct access.
  • All you need to do is unscrew the coupling from the ball joint and finally remove the ball joint.
  • Proceed with the cleaning process of the shower head and do the needful. Make sure you are not leaving any residue behind.
  • You should then apply some petroleum jelly or grease to the rubber gasket. It will aid in increasing the longevity of the rubber gasket.
  • Fix the new ball joint into the coupling and ensure it is tightly secured.
  • Apply the plumber’s tape to the shower arm. Then, fix the shower head by turning the nut clockwise. 
  • Use the wrench or plier to tighten the nut of the shower head. 

Now, Unhinge The Shower Head Ball Joint Easily!

Source: The Odd House

If you have made it to the end of this article, you must know that removing a stuck shower head ball joint is not difficult. You need to follow all the steps. What kind of showerhead do you have? Do let us know if these methods were helpful to you!